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About us

Meet the founders

Andrew Murray-Watson and Calandra Smith are partners in life as well as gin. Things they love most in the world (in no particular order); Rose, their 9 month old daughter, Lucas, their 3.5 year old rescue dog from Crete, walkies in Brockwell Park, yummy food, all the gins, and some wine thrown in for good measure.

Andrew has lived in Brixton since 2004. In 2017 he turned his love for food into a business, opening what is now an award-winning indulgent food and drinks shop in Brixton Village called Guzzl. Calandra has always dreamt of starting her own business, but the moment was never quite right. She even completed her qualifications in wine and spirits in anticipation of this moment.  Then she had a baby and lockdown happened... 

It was time. They decided they could either learn more about garden plants than was healthy, or start a gin company. They chose gin.

They set out to create a gin that was inspired by Brixton – one that gave back to its community and one that also sourced its botanicals from Brixton.  They’ve created a gin that is delicious and distinctive but that uses ingredients literally rooted in the neighbourhood – including honey from Brixton’s Bees.

Brixton has always been a place that does things its own way. Botanicals grown on the urban streets of Brixton?! It’s not your usual origin story. The result is hopefully something that really stands out in a crowded market

Meet our distiller

Moses Odong, a cabby by trade, decided a few years ago that he really wanted to become a distiller. So he tracked down the leading distilling expert in the UK and persuaded him to share all his secrets. We are not joking – that’s literally what happened.

Moses now has his own multi-award winning micro-distillery and his own brand of gin and rums called, appropriately, Cabby’s.

We are incredibly lucky to have Moses on the team and Brixton Gin would not have happened without him.



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