Drink it however you like, whenever you like, with whomever you choose
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Drink it however you like, whenever you like, with whomever you choose
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A unique blend of botanicals
Our gin has a fusion of bold notes of hibiscus, wood violet and raw Brixton Bees honey, combined with more traditional flavours of juniper, lemon and orange peel. The result is a London Dry style gin with an aromatic twist.

The botanicals used in the production of this gin are, wherever possible, sourced and produced in Brixton.
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Drink it your way
Brixton has always been home to maverick characters. Take Gustav Grais – a showman famous in Brixton for his original choice of transport – a zebra-drawn carriage.

Inspired by the place and its people, who have always done things their way, we’ve created Brixton Gin.
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We want to tread lightly upon our planet. As a start-up, we are doing everything we can to minimise our impact and offer products to our customers that are as sustainable as possible. Learn more about what we are doing here.
Reducing our footprint
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Brixton Gin comes in three sizes - from our handy 50ml pouches to our normal size bottles and refill pouches and party-size 5 litre boxes. Get yours now.
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Born in Brixton
Inspired by London's food and drink capital, Brixton.
Rooted in the community
Made with honey from Brixton's bees and other botanicals planted in partnership with Urban Growth in previously neglected spaces in Brixton.
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