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Brixton Gin (70cl)

We wanted to create a gin that does justice to the richness of life in Brixton. So we opted for a fusion of modern, novel balanced against more traditional notes.

In our botanical mix you will find bold notes of hibiscus and wood violets as well as instantly recognisable and familiar London Dry expressions of juniper, orange and lemon peel.

The end result is a quirky and distinctive gin with delicate floral notes and a refreshing zesty kick. 

PS. In a G&T we recommend a lighter tonic such as Refreshingly Light Tonic. It helps to bring out the delicate notes in Brixton Gin. Fanks a lot.

PPS. Due to Covid restrictions, we're shipping all orders once a week, on a Friday. We're sorry for any delays and thank you for your understanding! 

Alternatively, you can order online and collect a bottle from Guzzl in Brixton Market which is open Thursday to Sunday.


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